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Million Dollar Dreams & Thousand Dollar Nightmares – Pt.1


Was just like yesterday. I was sitting at my coffee table… Thumbing through my ashtray full of leftover “roaches” looking for enough weed crumbs to scrounge up a few good hits to get me high… The sad part was even my damn lighter was almost out of fluid… Talk about depressing. I managed to get […]

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How To Get Inside Your Visitors Mind To Generate More Leads

blonde asian

You want to be really good at making money in Adult CPA Marketing? Then you need to know your visitors inside out. This is what will set you apart from the rest… period. If you know how to craft the right message in front of the right person at the right time you WILL convert […]

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Adult Niche – 6 Easy Steps To Getting Started


Getting started with anything is the first step and usually the hardest step if you are bombarded with to much information. Here is a simple and effective process broken down for you so you have no excuse in not getting started right away. Step 1: The Foundation. Look, I’ll be honest with you… If you […]

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Running Adult CPA Offers on FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter


For the past year I’ve been aggressively running adult campaigns under the radar on FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter. And NO I’m not talking about “cloaking” or anything like that. This is a very simple method but still very powerful when done right. You ever heard the saying in the online marketing world. “The money is […]

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[CASH GUIDE] Do Your Campaigns Break 471% ROIs? Here’s How!


This one strategy alone will make straight cash for a ton of affiliates. I’m going to keep this short and get right to it. Take a look at this screenshot. This is the stats for the past 7 days for a campaign that generated 471% ROI. Here goes a shot of the past week of […]

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