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Million Dollar Dreams & Thousand Dollar Nightmares – Pt. 3

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Here is links to the previous episodes – Part 1 & Part 2 The deadbolts exploded wood chunks off the hinges of the door frame from the force of the battering ram followed by 3 SWAT Team agents dressed in bulletproof suits. BAM!! Was the sound of the high power flash bomb explosive that shattered […]

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The Difference Between CPC & CPM Bidding Platforms


The 2 most common paid traffic bidding types that you are going to deal with are going to be: CPC = Cost Per Click CPM = Cost Per Thousand Impressions (M is the Roman numeral for a thousand.) Now there is also PPV, Flat Rate Buys etc.. But either way you can break down the […]

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Pure UnAdulterated Success in 2014


Let’s get down to business. Where The Hell Have You Been Lately?! Man, it’s been a busy past few months.. Where do I begin. Well, last month I did the entire Las Vegas convention thing for Internext Expo & ASW. Had the pleasure to meet and hang out with a bunch of cool affiliates as […]

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How To SMASH The Competition!


Hey whats up everybody! Okay… So the secret is out. If you have been following closely in the Private Forums or on my newsletters you would know that for the past few weeks my partner Jay and I have been individually hand picking and approving affiliates to come work side by side with us in […]

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The Reasons Why You Are Failing In This Adult CPA Game!

Ass Shot

Sometimes to become successful you need to keep an eye out for the things that could contribute to your downfalls… Being aware of these things will allow you to analyze yourself and improve on your current situation. After doing consultation and private coaching for so many clients I’ve come to see very similar traits in […]

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