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Million Dollar Dreams & Thousand Dollar Nightmares – Pt. Final


Read first if you have not read yet, here is Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 <<— “There are rules to this game.” Styles said with a serious look on his face. “Not everyone starts out at the top… You gotta work your way up from the bottom. You gotta put in work.” He said. “But […]

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Million Dollar Dreams & Thousand Dollar Nightmares – Pt. 3

purple lingerie

Here is links to the previous episodes – Part 1 & Part 2 The deadbolts exploded wood chunks off the hinges of the door frame from the force of the battering ram followed by 3 SWAT Team agents dressed in bulletproof suits. BAM!! Was the sound of the high power flash bomb explosive that shattered […]

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Million Dollar Dreams & Thousand Dollar Nightmares – Pt. 2


In Case You Have Not Read - Read Part 1 Here < < “Yeah let me get 2 Hennessy shots with a coke back” I told the waitress as the DJ called out girls to come to the main stage… The red and black bulb lights barely lit the room to see the silhouettes of all […]

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AffiliateFix.com – Affiliate Expert Week Interview with Jay and Tuan


Haha thought that was a funny pic… My partner Jay from JayKnowsCash.com and I got ask to do an interview with our good friend Oliver Kenyon over at AffiliateFix.com. This is your chance to ask us questions as well as learn a little bit more about us and our business. Check it out here – […]

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6 Tips to Scaling Campaigns The “Big Boys” Don’t Want You To Know About


This is the difference between making $100 a day or $10,000 a day. (I’m talking Profit here not Revenue.) Which one sounds better to you? If you’re like me you’ll go with the latter… What’s it going to take to hit those numbers? You guessed it. Massive traffic volumes and effectively scaling your campaigns to […]

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