I was lucky enough to be hit up by one of my very good friends to do
some beta testing for a new spy tool software he was developing called Adult AdSpy.

Right away I went in and starting hammering away at what he had created
and even though it was only 85% of the way finished at the time it still had all the functionalities
I needed to get to the meat of the software, only thing missing was some of the flashy graphics
and buttons..etc..

Anyhow, for those who aren’t familiar with these type of spy tools what it does is essentially
pull data from traffic sources and show you what ads are being displayed, where they are
displayed, what landing page used, how long they been running it, and more..

There are a few of these tools on the market for mainstream marketers, but nothing has
ever been made for Adult Marketers so this was really something I’ve been waiting a long
time to see come out.

So right away, I started examining all of the top sites I knew had a lot of traffic volume..

I took a look at all of the ads being displayed and then took a look at how many days they
have been running.. then I took those ads saved them to my folder on my hard drive.

I clicked through to check out some of the landing pages being used.. ripped those down
and saved those to a file on my desktop to use later.

After I did enough ‘spying’ I grabbed all the Landing Pages, reedited the codes with my
own tracking links and uploaded them to my server.

Then I took the banners and uploaded them to TrafficJunky, setup a few campaigns on
some different placements to see how well the ads performed and let it go live.

I already have a lot of experience with buying media so I started optimizing right away,
cutting out the banners and landing pages that weren’t converting well and only running
the ones that were winning.

Repeating this process and pulling more data from AdultAdSpy.

I did this for the entire month of December 2012 until January 1st, 2013. A Total of 4 weeks.

I ran exclusively on Traffic Junky and then took the campaigns over to another traffic source.
(Sorry will keep that private, but for those familiar you can tell by my screenshot.)

Here is a screenshot of the total amount of money I spent on Advertising for those
two sites.




For a total combined of : $153,020.27

I blurred out some things because I didn’t want to expose all of my data etc..
as I am still currently running stuff on both sources.

I was rotating and split testing several offers that I seen were converting for others when I was
doing my research using the spy tool and tested some proven winners that
have always converted well for me in the past.

Once I found out what worked I only ran the offers that gave me the best EPC’s.

Here is a screenshot of my revenue generated from the traffic.





Total amount of Revenue Generated Combined is :$227,372.25

Then again I blurred out some stuff cause I didn’t want to piss of some of my sponsors
by exposing the payout rates etc..

So here is the breakdown.

Gross Revenue Generated: $227,372.25

Amount Spent on Advertising: $153,020.27

Grand Total Profit = $74,351.98 in 4 weeks

What I did up above is nothing new…

Some people will probably think that it is scandalous that I just ripped other people’s
work and used all of their data to my advantage by leveraging off them…

Some will think that it’s pure genius and well deserved..

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an advocate for inventing your own stuff but to get on
the fast track this is probably the easiest way for a majority of affiliates to gain some

Either way this is the nature of the affiliate game, your shit WILL get jacked one way or another..
How you roll with the punches and stay ahead is a different story.

But do understand that there was still a lot of experience and skills that were involved
to optimize and actually execute the campaigns so don’t think it was all push button magic.

Anyhow, everything worked out just perfectly and I was able to make some money while at the
same time thoroughly testing out the software and being able to make a case study out of it.

If you want to learn more details about the Spy Tool I used to pull this off here you go.