Let me give you a little inspiration and motivation, sell you a dream,
put you in some high heels, make you hit the track and GET MY MONEY…

Sounds cruel right?..

Well actually, this shit is happening everyday to new affiliates entering the game…

See, I’m all for getting the most money out of your hard work.. I believe you
should get paid the most for your efforts.. don’t you?

What is happening is new affiliates are eagerly jumping on to these CPA Networks
with champagne wishes and caviar dreams… Sort of like a bunch of hoes looking for
a Flashy Pimp who is more then willing to recruit them into his stable of women…

For a little fee that is…

You see, they know that you got that hunger, fire, and that your willing to prove how
much money and sales you can generate for them… oh don’t worry, they will hold on to
your cash for the time being until you can prove you can make more faster…then..
and only then will they consider breaking you off your share… which you will happily
reinvest into making them more money.

That’s right bitch, now take that money and go buy some news heels, lingerie, and
get back to work…and make me some more money. ;-)

I mean get that new server, make some new ads, launch those campaigns, and make it rain!

And of course if your loyal, and a top earner.. we definitely don’t want to lose you
to any other pimps/networks. So we will make sure to give you a little pay bump here
and there, maybe make you feel special and give you an exclusive offer…just to
keep you working your ass off buying those ads and bringing in those sales baby!

Yes, what a good little worker you are!


Okay, in all seriousness.. let’s get back to reality here.

Now, what I stated up above might sound harsh, but that shit is true.

No matter how much people try to disguise it, business is business and when it
comes to making money things will always get shady as hell please believe it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I hate CPA Networks.. They are important to your
success. If your starting out I recommend you run with one, get with a good network
and make sure you have an experience Affiliate Manager.

His experience and your relationship with him will help you fast track your
affiliate marketing business.

Learn from them, understand the game, soak up as much knowledge as possible.

Your now in a network that has an array of different offers and niches for you to
easily test, something you couldn’t do if you went direct from the beginning.

Leverage everything the network can teach you about traffic sources, marketing,
get in the game and get your business going.. go from a Novice to the
Intermediate and Advance level as a Marketer and become a Super Affiliate.

Get some traction…

Yes, you will get pimped from the beginning.. but everybody starts somewhere
but you gotta work your way out of that situation to higher levels.

They make money when you make money for them… they take a small margin.

Nowadays a CPA Network is more of a security bank blanket for most affiliates,
they trust that they will receive payments even if something goes wrong on the
merchants ends.. they essentially float the cash and the fear of getting burned
by a merchant is the number one reason most affiliates NEVER go Direct..besides
the fact that they think it’s a lot more complicated then it really is… which it’s not.

But if you like making money as much as I do, getting a percent of your commission
taken away every time you make a conversion can get old real fast.

And on high volumes every single cent adds up daily.

1000 leads, at an extra .10 cents on each is = $100 daily, $3k/month, or $36,000 a year.

That’s only at .10 cents, would .25 cents be a game changer for you?

Your goal should be to eventually eliminate all middle men as each one will take a
share of your profits.

That means, eliminating networks and running direct where you can.

This correlates to buying traffic as well, you find a site that works for you through
a traffic source, then try to contact the site owner and go direct.

Ideally you want to be running the show, the less people eating off your plate the

Remember, you have to work to get to this level.. and work damn hard as this
is very achievable.

Until then, be a good little prostitute and keep getting’ that money! ;-)