If you want to survive in this game of Adult Media Buying then one thing
is for certain, you have to get your cash flow game together right now…

First off, let’s start here from the basics.

If you don’t already have a personal checking account, then go get one.
Preferably you have created a company entity and have a business account.

If your established already you may have a business credit card, great if you
do then use that. If not then use your personal credit card.

If you don’t have a business credit card or personal credit card then you need
to get one asap. If you have bad credit and can’t get a unsecured card then
you need to find a local bank that will give you a secured card.

Most banks will allow you to put down $500, $1000, or $2,000+ on a
secured card and after several months of frequent use and reporting to the
credit bureaus plus payments on time you will qualify for the card to go

This is a long term process so don’t expect things to happen magically over
night, just be consistent.

Now you can apply for a credit card elsewhere or continue to use the banks credit
card as they may or may not increase your credit card limit.

Whatever you do just keep using the cards, paying it off in full and never miss a
payment. This should get you establishing a good credit score that will be
vital later on in the game down the road.

Okay now let’s transition a bit.

If your buying paid advertisement you are either pushing leads/sales for a
CPA Network or a Direct Merchant.

Your goal at this point is to get your money back from these networks as
fast as possible to reuse.

Most CPA Networks will pay you out weekly if you can generate more than $1k
per week. This is vital to getting your cash flow running smoothly, so your
goal should be to push as many leads/sales as possible even if your breaking
even or losing a little bit of money.

This means finding one reputable CPA Network and pushing your leads there,
and not to 5 different ones.. this keeps all your cash in one spot and gives you
a better chance of breaking that 1k a week mark instead of spreading yourself

If you are just a beginner and don’t have enough experience or skills to push
a decent amount of leads/sales then I suggest sticking with the CPA Networks
and NOT going direct as of the moment.

Direct Merchants typically pay out once or twice a month and only weekly
or faster for affiliates who can generate some volume.. so if your not there yet
just hold out for now.

The money your putting into the CPA Network and getting back weekly will
be reused to purchase more paid ads.

Now back to the point of establishing that good credit earlier….

By now you should be maxing out your credit card, don’t’ just use a a debit
account. You can earn reward points and cash back on your credit card..

Discover has some good ones as well as Chase Freedom and American
Express Plum, do your research from the beginning and get with a good one.

Now that your card is maxed out you need to go and pay off the card every
single week if not as soon as you have cash to do so.

Repeat this process of maxing it out, and paying it off in full.

Within a few months you need to ask for a credit limit increase, they will
see your transactions and payments and will grant you more credit.

Repeat this and ask for a credit limit every month, be diligent and keep
doing this as you want to get your credit limit as high as possible.

Build a relationship with your bank, speak with the manager if you have too.

You can easily go from a $2k credit limit to over $50k on one card in a
matter of months. Having this much credit limit will take the stress off
of worrying about how you are going to be able to fund your paid traffic

Now, if you been doing everything right so far you are now getting paid weekly
from your CPA Network, and also establishing good credit and a higher
line on your credit cards that you are earning reward points or cash back
points on.

By the time you receive a wire from the network you should have way more
then enough credit left still on your cards to keep buying ads. This allows you
to scale out and the higher limit allows you to be able to catch opportunities
like buying media direct if the opportunity occurs.

Also if your running your business credit card you may be in the position
from your banks to just get a $100k+ line of credit. It’s very possible just show
them your tax statements.

The last step is being able to have your traffic source extend you lines of
credit, this usually happens after some history with them and some volume.

Most traffic sources will extend you credit and not expect to get paid until
next month..This opens up even more cash flow for you to use in the meantime.

Everything I laid out here is doable and works.

You just need to take action and not expect it to happen overnight.
Staying focus and having set goals will put you ahead of the pack.

Cash Flow is King.