This is real access inside to the secret underground world of Adult Media Buying.

Raw and Uncut.

If you are reading this right now you fall into one or more of these categories below.

Completely brand new to Internet Marketing/CPA Marketing
Currently a Mainstream Marketer
Already in the Adult Media Buying Game
A Traffic Source, Ad/Sales Rep, Merchant/Dating Sponsor, CPA Network/Agency, or Poser. ;-)

Before I tell you more about the Private Forum let’s be honest here and cover a few
things about Adult Media… and how you can cash in if you aren’t already doing so.

First off, if you want to make a ton of money online there are a few variables that come
into play to be able to pull this off.

You need VOLUME, tons of it… I’m talking access to traffic sources that can give you
hundreds of millions of impressions every single day.

You need Good Cheap Traffic, not just any traffic but TARGETED traffic..

You need access to High Converting Offers, Great Payouts, and Quick Cash Flow Returns..

You need to be able to operate your marketing campaigns with
Less Restrictions, Creative Freedom, No Cloaking, no Google Slaps or Bans, or
Traffic Source Antics to game the system.

(Unless you want to shoot craps with your Acai/Bizzop Flogs
or should I say “LifeStyle Landing Pages” *cough*. )

You need the ability to SCALE.

So let’s Recap -

Volume+Traffic+Converting Offers+Great Payouts+Creative Control+Scale = $$$$

Wouldn’t you agree?

If you not making money online yet or have not reached your daily cash goals,
you are suffering from one of these things…I’m sure you can identify which ones
that are causing you problems.

For mainstream marketers it is usually the creative campaign control, scale, volume,
and cheap traffic.

Luckily for those in the Adult Niche we really don’t have to worry about this stuff..

Sure it is a very competitive niche, but thats a strong sign that there is money to be
made and lots of it.

It’s like the Wild Wild West of online marketing, for the most part you can get away with all
kind of crazy Banners and Landing Pages so little to no restrictions on how your campaigns
look. (Creative Control)

You also got insane amounts of traffic volume, I don’t think I need to tell u this… Go
to Alexa and check the top 100 sites worldwide, majority are adult related sites. (Traffic)

You could load up a new campaign on a new traffic source everyday and still not
cover all the possible spots to buy ads.. its ridiculous. (Scale)

The Adult Dating niche is huge period. It’s Evergreen and new top performing offers
come out all the time so you’ll NEVER run out. (Offers)

And I don’t even have to tell u this, but I left it out of the equation up above.

But that is DEMAND…

There WILL and ALWAYS will be someone who will do anything
to ‘Get Laid’ or “Enhance Himself…” ;-)

Successful adult affiliates are pumping out thousands of leads a day
and generating $X,XXX -$XX,XXX PROFIT days online.

No Bullshit.

Okay, now if you’re still reading all of this then that means you’re smart enough to know
that there’s money to be made and that you want get some of the action. Or your already
making money and want to either add to your income or improve on what your doing.

Either one means I like you already, cause lazy people I’d rather not even waste my breath on.

So now that I got the first part out of the way, I want to talk about WHERE and HOW you
can learn how to build your online adult media buying business.

First, I will continue to post kick ass information on this blog that you can digest and use so
no worries about that. But if your expecting to somehow squeeze some free consultation or
coaching out of me thru this medium then this is not the spot to do so..

I run a business myself and time is very precious to me, though I will help out when and where
I can there is no way humanly possible I can do that all by myself, also considering
that this is a free blog and anyone can read this and use the information I will of course
have to restrict some of the stuff I say on here.. I think everyone understands why.

Which brings us to the reason why there is a Private Forum.

Is there a price to be a part of the Private Forum?

Yes of course, if it was free there would be all kind of garbage posts and threads that you would
have to sift through to find anything valuable let alone something creditable from a reputable person.

The price is the barrier that keeps the freeloaders and bullshitters out… it also keeps the quality
of content up and what people are willing to share even that much better.


While there is plenty of information regarding online marketing in general the
Adult Media Buys Forum focuses strictly on adult related marketing.
There are plenty of paid forums online BUT they do not even come close
to what is discussed inside amongst the members.


There are Multi Million Dollar affiliates, merchants, and traffic sources inside that are
willing to share their knowledge of the industry with you and help you grow your business.
Just this aspect of networking, building relationships, and having direct contact alone
is worth every single penny.

Okay, I think you get the point here. Spots are limited and it will close very soon.

If you serious about your business then I will see you inside.

Get Access To The Private Forums Here