Listen closely..

I’m going to make a lot of Marketers mad that I’m leaking this information out…

Fuck it, this is the reason I created this blog to actually dish out some REAL content
that people can apply to their business and actually see results.

There is just too much bullshit online thats not even worth your time to read, you know…take a look around…

Anyhow, let’s get straight to business.

Do you want to know the secrets to how High Volume Adult Marketers are pulling in
$XXX,XXX and $X,XXX,XXX+ figures per month??

I’ll tell you right now, it’s with Adult Mobile Traffic.

And I’m going to show you exactly how it’s all done.

Here is what you will basically need.

1. A Mobile Tracking Solution.
2. Traffic Network accounts.
3. Funds to Purchase Advertising
4. Banner and Landing Pages
5. The ability to not be lazy, take action, and Put in Work.

I am going to get real step by step detailed here,
this may be a long one so grab your Popcorn…

Phase One:

First off, if you don’t have one go create an account at


This is a great traffic source and a good place to get your feet wet.

Do the Basic Steps…

Create Your Traffic Junky Account.
Fund Your Account. (You may have to scan and fax a copy of your ID and CC)

Now click the ‘Buy Ads” Tab on the upper left.

TrafficJunky BuyAds

This will show you the inventory available on TrafficJunky.

Take a look at some of the volume available for mobile traffic.


200,000,000 Million Impressions Per Day!


40,000,000 Million Impressions Per Day!


30,000,000 Million Impressions Per Day!

See what I mean… just on these spots alone the impression volumes are crazy!

These will be the placements we will be targeting and creating a campaign on.

You don’t have to start with all 3, but pick one and we will go from there.

For this example I am going to go with YouPorn Mobile.

Click The “Buy From This Site” Button

YouPorn Buy

It will bring you to this page and these are the 2 placements we are going to
want to target.

YouPorn Ad

For this example I am going to go with YouPorn Mobile Footer 300×250 Ad.

*Here’s a Tip*

300×250 size Banner Creatives by far are the most popular and profitable for me for web and mobile placements.

Click The Blue “Select” Button on the YourPorn Mobile Footer Placement.

It will bring you to this page.


Create a Campaign name to stay organized.

I usually do the name of the placement and country I am targeting, so for this one I would put YouPorn Mobile Footer – United States and just create more campaigns but
change the United States part to like Canada, United Kingdom, and etc..

Fill out a description for reference.

You can ignore the start date and end date.

Set your Daily Budget, feel free to set it at whatever you like.

Click ‘Save’

It will now bring you here.

Campaign Bid

Make sure you select Geo Targeted.

For this example we will use United States, but use any country you will be targeting.

Don’t worry about your Bid yet, just click ‘Add”

It will bring you here.


Click the “View” button and it will show you the current bid prices for your placement.

Bid Prices

Now I blurred the current bids for a few reasons..

1. I don’t want you to ‘expect’ bids to be in this price range, as they change daily.
2. I want you to take action and actually do these steps and see for yourself.

I suggest looking at other bidders and place your bid high enough to receive traffic, don’t worry you can adjust it up or down after its live in real time.

Now Click “Go To Next Step”

This is where you will be uploading your 300×250 size banners.


*Here’s a Tip*

Setup a Campaign and Tracking links in your Mobile Tracker.

Make sure for your use a unique tracking url for each banner for example.. Etc…

Upload each banner with it’s own unique tracking link that you setup earlier in your
tracker, this is also where you would add your dynamic url tokens that the traffic source allows you to pass in your link to gather more data.

You want to be able to see in your tracking software which Banner gave you the
clicks and conversions.

Now, I understand most people will get stuck at this phase because they do not have
300×250 Banner Creatives & Landing Pages ready.. Don’t let that stop you please.

There are two quick solutions:

Join the Private Forum and Download Free Banner Ad Packs + LP’s- Access Forum
Use the Adult AdSpy Tool to find profitable Banners & LP’s – Use The SpyTool

Either way, there is no excuse just get your Banners & Landing Pages together.

Set Your Frequency Cap.

Once you have uploaded them all continue to the next step which will be your summary
of your new campaign.

Double check to make sure everything looks good.

Then check “Active” and Click “Submit” to activate campaign.


Now all you have to wait on is for your Banners to be approved and your campaign
will be activated and running.

Your can usually get your banners approved the same day.

Okay, now that we got that basic part out of the way we want to run
traffic and collect data.

When you log into your account and click “Campaign Statistics” you’ll typically
see something like this.


Now the reason I blurred it out is because I don’t want you to subconsciously think that
these Click Thru Rates and Bid Prices are something you should aim for.

Also this is a paused campaign I’m only using for image purposes…

This is where you know how each banner is performing, and also where you can
pause the ones you want as well.

Also inside of your iMobitrax you will see this..

There is a drop down menu that lets you see data by Banner.

It will display your stats.

imobitrax stats

As you can see it show you detailed stats for each Banner:

LP Clicks
LP Views
LP Clicks
Offer CVR
Week Parting & Day Parting

If you cross reference this data with the data you have in your TrafficJunky statistics
you will be able to see which banner is performing well and which one is not, and then adjust accordingly.

Now I’m pretty sure some of the more Advanced Marketers are yawning by now…

That’s fine, cause at this point most people stop.

They optimize their Banners, Landing pages, and Bids then call it a day..

But oh no, we plan to crush these mobiles ads and it brings us to our next phase.

Phase Two:

So the YouPorn Mobile Placement should be still running and collecting data still…

Here goes the game changer part…

In iMobitrax we have been secretly gathering more data automatically without even
knowing it…

Take a look at this, we now have all the Carrier/ISP Data that generated us Leads.
Just by Clicking the Drop Down Menu.


And not only that, but look what else we have…

The Manufacturers that generated us Leads.


Oh and just because we have it I might as well show you this too…

The Operating System that has generated us Leads.


We can basically zero down and find out what banner, on what Carrier/ISP, what Manufacturer, on what Operating System gave us a lead.

Matter of fact we can find out a lot more then that..

Check this out.

imobitrax dropdown

Plus up to 10 more Dynamic Tokens you want…

Anyhow, let’s not get to ahead of ourselves here..

Let’s rewind a little bit, so right now we have Carrier/ISP data for Leads.

Let’s go back into our Campaign Summary for YouPorn Mobile.

Once inside, Find the “ISP” tab and click “Edit”


Now you can manually type in all of the ISP’s that have converted well for you
here and add them in, you can add as many as you like.

Just input the winning Carriers/ISP’s that you got in your iMobitrax.


Now your not wasting your money on bidding on ISP’s that do not convert for you, but are focusing your ad dollars on the winners.

*Here’s a Tip*

Your Banner CTR % will Jump Up now that you are really targeting!

Once you add your ISP’s expect your traffic volumes to be much lower, as now your Banner is only being shown to the ISP’s you’ve selected.

I suggest raising your big slightly to remain getting a steady flow of traffic.

Now, at the moment TrafficJunky only allows you to target down to Carriers/ISP’s on certain placements.

This doesn’t mean they won’t open up Device Model targeting and more in the near future, so it’s best to gather this winning data now so when they do release it you will be ready for them. ;-)

Quick Summary:

You have Launched Mobile Campaigns on TrafficJunky with iMobitrax.
You now have winning Banners, and Fine Tuned Targeting running on TrafficJunky…
Keep running traffic, collect data for each Country, and keep optimizing.

*Take Note*

I know most people will just use the data up above and be lazy.

This is where you will fail because I did not tell u what type of offer I was running…

Or did you use the same creatives I used.

Use this as a Guideline but Get your own data that will work for your own campaign creatives and offers. Everything is different and only YOU will find what will work.

Now that we got this data what can we do with it??

Well, this bring us to the next phase…

Phase 3:

We have been gathering data now on what has been working for our offer on mobile.

Let’s take this data and go to other places that allow us to really zero in on targeting.

Check out what we find here on

Let’s see what type of traffic they have…



AdultModa operators

So if we setup a new Banner Campaign we have the ability to target these…


AdultModa Carriers

Device Models:

AdultModa Devices

Again, in an ideal situation we would want to test from scratch on this platform and zero in on what works for this traffic source, but since we know what is already working with our Banners and Offers this is going to cut down our learning curve drastically…

We can also do this on

When we setup a campaign we can choose which Devices we want to Target.


Again, this is allowing us to zero in our data with iMobitrax on what is
working while other marketers with a web based tracker have no clue.

Even worst case scenario you’ll be able to be at least one step ahead of
competition on what will work on various traffic sources..

Here is another one…

Look at their mobile inventory:


There is a good amount of mobile traffic available.

Limited targeting abilities for now, but remember that doesn’t mean in the near future
this or any other platform will not be upgrading the targeting options.. Get that good data for your campaigns now so your ready!

Take a look…

AdBucks Targeting


Since I’ve gone this far, I might as well continue and drop this MEGA BOMB on you!

So you want to take it to the real next level?

Then Check out:

These are NOT self serve mobile traffic networks, you will have a Rep and a team that will upload and setup your campaigns for you..

Wouldn’t it be nice to have winning data and be able to say

“Hey, I need to target this Country, this Carrier, and this Device Model ONLY!”

And you know what, they will have the ability to do so. :-)

And for some strange reason if they cannot target these options for you then no worries,
cause with iMobitrax you have the ability to do “Post Click Redirection.”

What’s that mean?

It means a visitor who clicks through your campaign can be “Redirected”!

Take a look here:

imobitrax redirection

imobitrax carrier redirection

So you can basically take NON geo traffic and start redirecting everyone to where they need to go that converts the best for them.

So if visitors on a BlackBerry convert on a specific offer.. BOOM you redirect everyone who is on a BlackBerry to that LP and that Offer.

If someone is on a Samsung that converts on a specific offer.. BOOM you redirect everyone on the Samsung to the winning LP and offer combination.

You can get Anal as hell and start redirecting like a madman, there is no limit.

Also you can redirect Wi-Fi Traffic as well.

*Here’s a Tip*

Some, not all Mobile AdNetworks have bullshit tracking and targeting so don’t be fooled..

This applies to Mainstream Mobile AdNetworks as well, their targeting is really shitty.

In many cases when I selected “This Carrier Only” I would check my data and find a ton of traffic coming from other sources..

All I do is export my data as a CSV or Screenshot and send it over to a Rep and say
“I didn’t pay for this traffic type!” And in many cases they would reimburse me on the ‘bad’ traffic that was sent.. Pretty cool, and good to have a relationship with your Rep.

Let’s do a Major Recap of Today’s Lesson!

I showed you how to setup a regular mobile campaign in TrafficJunky using a Mobile Tracking Software.

Then I showed you how to take that data and zero in on your targeting options with TrafficJunky to focus on winning Carriers/ISP’s.

I then showed you how you could take that data and ‘port’ it over to another traffic source to focus on targeting the same metrics… using 3 traffic source examples.

(There are many more…)

I then showed you how you could really blow things up and take your winning campaigns and data and move them over to a managed media buying agency.

(There are many more…)

I then showed you how it’s possible to do ‘Post Click Redirection” to take bulk traffic that could be not targeted and redirect it yourself so you can find pockets of profit.

For details and in-depth explanation of all the tracking  features

They can explain it much better than I can.

In closing I just want to say if you appreciate me providing this type of information on my blog all I ask is you do me a favor and let other people know about it.

Give a tweet, send an email to your list, post it on FaceBook.. Without more and more readers I won’t be motivated to continue writing this type of content… U feel me?

So spread the word if you can.

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And for those who want to reach out to me personally I suggest you interact with me
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Private Message me and I can help you more.

Don’t Sit There and Do Nothing.. Take Action on this Material and Change Your Life!


Work Hard & Let’s Get It!



P.S. I’m not sure if soon the price of iMobitrax will raise due to the new features, or if they will close it to the public after reaching a certain number of users…

I suggest getting grandfathered in now before it does happen..You Snooze, You Lose.

Here’s the link again Cheers!

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